Roof Replacement

Do you need a new roof, and love the look or worry free concept of a 20-40 year metal warranty? If you only have 1 or 2 layers we can add a metal roof right on top of that. With 3 or more layers we need to do a tear off.

New Roofs

Are you building new construction? Home, barn, garage, shed or whatever? You can put a metal roof on it. Usually more common in Marshfield , Strafford , Rogersville areas, but are popping up more places like Springfield , Nixa , and Ozark.

Cost of Metal Roof

Cost varies so much on shape of house and how much trim and extra labor it takes. Roofs with valleys, hips, porches, chimneys, all go into figuring the cost, just give us a call and we can come give you an estimate.

Add a porch

If you've always wanted a back porch roof, we can add it on by itself or along with a whole new roof. Front porches are more common to match


Metal roofs are nearly maintenance free. An annual inspection should be performed, to look for damaged spots and check for scratches that should be painted. Boots should be inspected but are expected to last at least 20 years.