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Are you looking for a quality deck company? We take your project, house and needs seriously and you are guaranteed our absolute best!  Our company is powered by a hard working team of experienced carpenters.  We have done all areas of home construction,  and we have the knowledge to identify any problems in your homes structure, and better yet how to prevent these problems from happening when constructing your project.


Getting Sarted & Style

Not sure where to begin with your deck project? We're here to help.  You probably already know you want a deck or porch but we can go through styles and help you build something that fits you families lifestyle, just call us and we can talk about styles that fit your budget.  Browse our website and Facebook page, or maybe you want a porch you saw on pinterest? Maybe a cool Pergola  you found online or saw down the street.  We can work with you to plan and build your project.



Customer satisfaction is our top priority! We strive to exceed you expectations by providing honest, accurate, quality and friendly service that you can trust.  TCB understands that building your project quickly and correctly is important, and we work hard to do this efficiently and courteously. 

We are here to improve the construction experience and we are excited to work with you! We are Licensed  and insured.




Decks are our number one service that we offer.  We offer both new construction decks, deck repair  and total deck replacement of old or poorly built decks. We also offer pressure washing and staining for decks.  Offering deck building in Lebanon to Nixa and in between.

Deck Construction

There are quite a few ways to build decks, depending on size and shape of the deck.  But as a general rule we set posts a minimum of 18-24 inches deep below ground level ( below the freeze line). Post sizes are 5x5 inches and up.  Floor joists are always 16 inches on center, and are a minimum of 2x8, and go up depending on length of deck.  Support beams are supported every 8 feet.  Ledger boards are always flashed to prevent water damage to your home.

Floor decking options vary but typically we use 5/4x 6inch pressure treated lumber. For hardware  only hot dipped galvanized nails, lag bolts, carriage bolts, and approved deck screws are used.

Deck Design

Deck designs are based on our customers wants and needs.  We can do simple single level, single shape or multiple level and shapes.  We can design around pools or trees.  If you have an idea or vision for your project, we can work together to achieve it.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How much does a deck cost?

A: Decks can vary so such with so many variables. Just give us a call for an estimate. Decks start at around $16 per sq ft and go up from there, depending on different things.

Q:How soon can I stain my new deck?

A: Wait one year. Pressure treated lumber needs time to dry out or it will not hold the stain.

Q:How long should a deck last?

A: A deck should last at least 25-50+ years when properly maintained.

Q: How long does it take to build a deck? When can you start?

A: Decks typically take one to two weeks, but can take longer on bigger decks or if there is a porch roof.  Start times vary, we can schedule you as soon as possible.

Q: Is deck railing and lattice necessary?

A: Lattice is not necessary, but can help control vegetation under the deck.  Railing is required by most counties and insurance companies, but there are some instances when not required

Decks are an extension of your home

This is my favorite part of the job when a deck is completed and customers realize that they now have a whole new beautiful space to hang out on and make memories. It adds value to the home and to the family.

Pergolas and Porch Roofs

Free Standing pergolas


The most common Pergola

Covered Pergola


This is a free standing Pergola with a metal roof

Privacy Screen Pergola


Need some privacy from a neighbor?

Free standing Metal Porch Roof


This roof was incorporated along with this deck.  Just a simple lean to style porch.

Attached Pergola


Pergola attached to home

Lean To Porch with Gable accent


picture coming soon



Roof Replacement

Do you need a new roof, and love the look or worry free concept of a 20-40 year metal warranty? If you only have 1 or 2 layers we can add a metal roof right on top of that. With 3 or more layers we need to do a tear off.  

New Roofs

Are you building new construction? Home, barn, garage, shed or whatever?  You can put a metal roof on it.  Usually more common in Marshfield , Strafford , Rogersville areas, but are popping up more places like Springfield , Nixa , and Ozark.

Cost of Metal Roof

Cost varies so much on shape of house and how much trim and extra labor it takes. Roofs with valleys, hips, porches, chimneys, all go into figuring the cost, just give us a call and we can come give you an estimate.

Add a porch

If you've always wanted a back porch roof, we can add it on by itself or along with a whole new roof. Front porches are more common to match 


Metal roofs are nearly maintenance free. An annual inspection should be performed, to look for damaged spots and check for scratches that should be painted.  Boots should be inspected but are expected to last at least 20 years.

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Siding for Homes


LP Wood Lap siding

LP is a wood lap siding offered in 6 and 8 inch lengths.  It is osb board mixed with resin and epoxy to resist rot and termites.  

Vinyl siding

Probably the most common siding due to the cost of the product.  


This siding is offered more on sheds, but used on homes as well. It is a 4x8 sheet with 8 inch grooves through it.  More popular in the 70's but still a very inexpensive option.

Board and Batten siding

This siding is just a sheet of wood put up with trim pieces run vertically every 16 inches.  It is more expensive but looks good.

Metal Siding

There are a few different styles of metal but the usual less expensive rib metal is more common.  You can do just one color or a 2 tone is becoming more popular on homes

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