With staining and sealing you have 3 options of stain. Toner, semi-Transparent and Solid stain.


generally gives 2 years of protection.  The good thing about toners is that they will show all  of the natural wood look and just give it a tinted color.  This stain will dramatically absorb into the lumber to retreat the wood but does not offer a sealing protection.


the most popular and what we recommend can give generally 5 year protection.  This stain will still show some of the wood texture, give you a tint from a variety of colors and has a sealer in it to help protect the wood. This stain will also absorb into the wood to help retreat the lumber.

Solid stains 

more like a paint designed for decks. They almost completely cover the wood grains and don’t absorb into the wood but act more as a sealer only. You can get up to 10 years protection with solids in the right conditions such as under a porch roof, but high traffic areas and hard rain flow spots could need to be re-coated every year, as they will wear off because it is just like a paint.