Porch Additions

A porch roof addition is our favorite project to do because it completely changes an outdoor area into a cool dry enjoyable summer time hang out spot.  There are many options for a porch roof addition all the way from a simple low pitched metal roof all the way to a huge timber framed gable addition. The best place for us to start with a porch roof addition is to get some photos sent to us either in email or text them to us (check out the contact page). Photos should include pictures of the area where you want the roof added on, ground pics and roof pics from the ground are good.  Also pictures of porch additions that you love and can see on your home, either from our facebook page, our website or from pinterest, google or anywhere, I like to get pictures so I can see what you are dreaming of! 

 I get asked a lot if porch roofs increase the value of a home, the answer is yes. They are in the top 5 remodels that will increase the value of your home.